FutanariXXX: A Special Therapy Session – Lovita Fate & Sofi Vega

Sofi Vega is in sexy therapist Lovita Fate’s office. She plans to confront her about one of her previous clients who ended up in an asylum. However, her plan falls through quickly when Lovita reveals that she has supernatural powers and that’s how she broke that client who tried to cross her… Right away, she demonstrates her ability and makes Sofi suck her futa cock. Lovita moans in pleasure, as Sofi obeys and gives her a passionate blowjob. Finally, the fear turns into joy and Sofi starts to enjoy this. After the blowjob, Lovita lies down and Sofi starts riding her massive futa dick. Lovita then moves to a different position fucking her from behind. Each push drives both of them closer to orgasm and finally, Lovita finishes inside Sofi with a huge creampie.