A Very Hot Frost Glass – Elle Voneva & Daisy Taylor

Damn, Daisy! When the brunette beauty feels let down by smooth talker boyfriend Josh Cannon, she doesn’t hesitate to hit on another girl. Looking for the hottest chick in the restaurant, she finally makes asian goddess Elle Voneva her target. It takes no time for Daisy to convince Elle to follow her in the bathroom. The two perverted women both have a twisted mind. When Josh decides to check in on them in the bathroom, they push him in a stall. What a show they prepared for him. Daisy undresses Elle and puts her mouth everywhere she can. Stuck in the stall, Josh can’t help it. He tries to sneak his dick under the frosted glass. Unable to participate in the action, he gets the consolation prize : the ladies’ lingerie, thrown at him from under the stall. Thank god, Elle’s petite silhouette is visible through the glass. Josh can guess how much pleasure she’s having while Daisy eats her pussy. The girls start to feel sorry for Josh. Elle gets on all four and sucks Daisy’s dick while Josh thrusts her pleasure hole. Daisy’s asshole also gets a taste of the boy’s dick. When Josh is finally about to cum, Daisy and Elle make sure he apologizes for being a shitty boyfriend before jerking him off until he blows a big load.