A Welcome Sight – Asia Belle & Marica Hase

After a long, tumultuous journey, Asia Belle has finally returned home. Her team had won their football game yesterday, only to have their bus break down on the way back to town. Needless to say, she’s looking forward to being able to decompress and relax following this unexpected and tiresome adventure. She’s also super excited to see her girlfriend, Marica Hase- though she wonders where she could be? Asia climbs the stairs and enters her bedroom, only to find her lovely girlfriend lying down on the bed, wearing nothing but a football jersey. It seems like Marica tried to wait up for Asia, but ended up drifting off instead. Asia doesn’t mind, however, since Marica’s ass and pussy look ever-so-cute peeking out under her skimpy jersey. After ogling Marica for a few moments, Asia gently rouses her and they greet each other lovingly. It’s clear that they’ve been counting the seconds until they could finally be together again. They tumble into each other’s arms, their mouths joining together for a deep kiss before they decide to both take off their jerseys and celebrate Asia’s victory with intimate, sensual sex.