An Old-Fashioned Attitude – Emma Rose

James (Draven Navarro) is an old-fashioned family man. He’s happily married to his wife, Diane (Ariel X) and has a wonderful family. Everything seems to be picture perfect… until he one day discovers a mysterious family photo featuring Diane and two boys. James is confused since he has a stepson and stepdaughter, so who is the other boy? What kind of secret is his wife keeping from him? When he confronts Diane, he thinks she has another son she’s keeping secret from him. Diane desperately defends herself, insisting that it’s nothing like that, though she’s hesitant to tell him the whole truth. With James on the verge of a meltdown, Diane finally gives in,revealing that his stepdaughter, Kaylee (Emma Rose), is the other ‘boy’ in the old family photo — she’s transgender. James is shocked. How could his family keep something like this from him?? Does anyone else know?? Why didn’t Kaylee trust him to tell him herself?? Although Diane tries to calm him down, none of it seems to get through to James, who can’t see past the perceived betrayal. When Diane, brokenhearted and ashamed of outing her own daughter, leaves for work, James is left to seethe. However, it’s not long before he clutches the photo tighter in his fist before grabbing his car keys. He NEEDS to talk to Kaylee… but is Kaylee ready to talk toHIM?