Back Where It All Started – Gracie Jane & Jenna Gargles

Life hasn’t been easy for Maria (Gracie Jane). As she and her girlfriend, Brandi (Jenna Gargles), approach an unassuming house, she is filled with nothing but dread. It’s been years since she’s left home and she never thought she’d be back. But after the death of a family member, Maria’s stepmom, she’s been summoned by a lawyer for a will reading. Unfortunately, that means that Maria has to face her estranged stepbrother, Adam (Dante Colle), and she’s not sure she’s ready for that… When Adam answers the door, there’s no missing the hurt and resentment radiating from him. Although he tries to slam the door in Maria’s face, Brandi fiercely stands up for her, getting him to let them in. Being there is already hard enough — he doesn’t need to make it harder. But once inside, with the lawyer running late, the silence is deafening. Tensions run high and the rift between the stepsiblings grows wider still. It’s as clear as day that they both have been hurt in the past, wrestling with intense feelings of betrayal, especially surrounding their family. Maria insists that their family, especially Adam’s parent, was cruel to her because she’s trans, though Adam remembers things differently. As he fiercely tries to defend his family, Maria struggles to help Adam see what life was like from HER perspective, and how she’s finally found acceptance and happiness meeting other trans women like Brandi. Slowly and surely, as they work through years of misery, confusion, and ignorance, Adam’s eyes finally open to the fact that his parent was NOT the kind woman he thought her to be… and that HE himself followed in her bigoted footsteps. Now that everything’s out in the open, can they finally make amends or has the damage been done?