TSSeduction: Date Night With The Queen – Aubrey Kate

The queen Aubrey Kate and her fuck-toy date Pierce Paris return from a nice dinner on the Las Vegas Strip. But what’s even better than world class dining? World class desert! As they pull into the driveway of Aubrey’s mansion, she pulls out a shiny silver key, places it on her date’s tongue with specific instructions “go inside the door, crawl up the stairs and wait for me on your knees… I have a surprise for you.” Pierce, being a good sub does as he was told, and Aubrey greets him at the door to her pink dungeon. Pierce crawls to her white leather, heart St. Andrews cross, Aubrey rips open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere, unzips his pants to reveal his throbbing dick crammed into mistress’ cock cage. Aubrey restrains him to the cross, torments his cock and balls, brings him over to the fuck bench and slams her huge cock into his welcoming ass. After some hard fucking, they roll over onto the bed and she fucks alternates between fucking his mouth and ass, finally challenging him to a cum-contest. “I never lose” she says out of breath. Yes, world class desert from world class superstar Aubrey Kate.