DevilsTGirls: Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Trans Friend – Brittney Kade

Brittney Kade is returning home from a jog when she runs into Tony Sting, her best friend’s husband. Tony’s just wrapping up some construction work, looking solid and attractive as he sets his ladder down beside him. Brittney will be going out on the town this weekend with Tony’s wife, and she invites Tony to join them if he wants. But Tony respectfully declines since he’s got work Sunday morning. A bit later, Brittney’s on the phone with Tony’s wife, and she mentions that she ran into Tony earlier in the day. As they keep chatting, Tony’s wife reveals that Tony has been wanting to do anal with her, though she doesn’t feel particularly inclined. Brittney finds this amusing, warning her friend that if she doesn’t give Tony anal, maybe somebody ELSE will… Later that day, Brittney finds Tony watching TV alone, so she decides to sit next to him on the couch. Brittney brings up the fact that Tony’s wife won’t give him anal, and he seems a bit taken aback, though he admits it’s frustrating. Luckily for him, however, Brittney is ready to give him EXACTLY what he craves… as long as he doesn’t tell his wife, of course!