DevilsTGirls: Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Trans Friend – Janie Blade

Janie Blade has scheduled an appointment with her new masseur, Steve Rickz. She’s been feeling tight around her lower back, most likely due to her having to sit around all day at the office. Steve assures her that although he may not be able to solve ALL her lower back issues, he can DEFINITELY work out some of her kinks. Janie undresses and lies facedown on the massage bed, ready to receive Steve’s experienced hands all over her. Steve oils up his palms and starts working through Janie’s knots, starting at her shoulders and eventually making his way down to her plump ass. Janie loves the feel of Steve’s touch- especially as he carefully squeezes her cheeks and pulls them apart ever so slightly, revealing her tight asshole. And when it comes time to massage Janie’s front, it’s clear that Steve having more fun than he’ll let on. He lowers his hand down between Janie’s legs, taking her cock into his grip as he strokes her shaft up to full hardness. Steve’s wife better not hear about what’s about to come next, but as they say: what happens in the massage room stays in the massage room!