TransFixed: Doubling Their Wardrobe – Eva Maxim & Charlotte Sins

Eva Maxim and her longtime friend Charlotte Sins are relaxing together after a fun day of shopping. Charlotte had moved away for college and a brief stint of employment, but she missed her hometown. After a career opportunity opened up locally, she jumped at the chance to move back. The women are having a blast as they catch up, and it’s just like old times with how quickly they’ve clicked back together. Their friendship is as good as ever — well, actually, BETTER than ever because now that Eva, who is trans, is living openly as her true self, they can do all the female-friend rituals they never got to do when they were growing up! They can girl-talk (made even spicier because of the fact that they’re both lesbians), gossip about celebrity scandals, give each other makeup tips, and, of course the best one of all, double their wardrobe! After all, what are best friends for if you can’t ‘borrow’ that cute top of theirs and never give it back?