Drop It Like It’s Hot – Lena Moon

Hatler Gurius is working out at the gym, accompanied by his partner Lena Moon. Hatler’s giving it his all in his chest-press routine, though Lena isn’t exactly interested in working out per se… She’s too busy chatting on the phone with her friend! Midway through her conversation though, Lena accidentally drops her phone between the dumbbell racks. She bends over to pick it up, but it’s too far. She’ll really have to give it her all. She pushes in between the racks, extending her arm far across the floor until her ass and legs are in the air. Suddenly, she realizes that she may actually be… oh no… STUCK! When Hatler returns from the washroom, he can’t help but chuckle at the comical sight before him. Lena is almost upside down, stuck between two racks in a VERY compromising position. Lena pleads with Hatler to help her get unstuck, but Hatler isn’t in a big rush. After all, Lena’s booty looks mighty juicy from this angle. Maybe they could have a little fun before they get Lena back on her feet? Hatler moves his face in between Lena’s cheeks and starts rimming her. Lena moans with pleasure- maybe being stuck isn’t so bad when there’s a big stud behind you who’s ready to deliver the goods. Hatler whips out his cock and gives Lena some hot and sweaty anal between the dumbbells, followed by getting her to suck his cock from the other side. Soon enough, Hatler gets Lena unstuck and they continue having sex in the gym. Now it’s Lena’s turn to have some fun! If Hatler thought he was breaking a sweat before, he ain’t seen nothing yet.