TransFixed: Ease Your Stress – Ariel Demure & Whitney Wright

Ariel Demure is a hard-working film executive who’s up to her neck in an ocean of stress. From tight deadlines to incompetent coworkers, she just can’t seem to catch a break. She desperately needs a way to relax, so she books a candlelit massage with her new massage therapist, Whitney Wright. As Ariel lies on the massage table, a towel covering her body, Whitney can’t help but be shocked as she notices an extremely negative aura surrounding Ariel. Though Ariel has trouble admitting it, she knows Whitney’s right. Her stress has been affecting every facet of her- mind, body, and soul. Whitney’s seen her fair share of clients, and she knows that once she gets her oiled-up hands on Ariel’s skin, it won’t be long before all this pent-up tension evaporates into thin air. She starts massaging Ariel’s shoulders, and Ariel visibly starts to relax, closing her eyes and letting out soft moans. She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, so they deserve a little love too, don’t they?