TransFixed: Fairy Mischief – Bunny Colby & Lena Moon

A beautiful fairy, Bunny Colby, sneaks into a cottage garden to spread her magic fairy dust and cause a bit of mischief. But as she sneaks around and does some harmless pranks, like turning the water in the garden fountain pink, she realizes it’s not so fun doing this alone. That’s when she magically summons her gorgeous fairy friend, Lena Moon. Now they can cause double the trouble!

They continue using their magic fairy dust to cause playful mayhem around the garden, like leaving the garden gnomes in suggestive positions and changing one flower pot into another. It’s all fun and games until Bunny decides that they should go inside the cottage and see what other kind of mischief they can get into… Although Lena is a little less sure, since they could get caught by a human, she soon bravely follows Bunny inside.

Of course, as soon as they find the master bedroom and see the large, luxurious bed, Lena only has ONE thing on her mind. Let the REAL magic begin!