Festival Fling – Gracie Jane & Skye Blue

There is a knock at Gracie Jane’s front door and she eagerly answers it. Her visitor turns out to be Skye Blue, who has a suitcase at her side. As they happily greet each other and Gracie lets her into the house, their conversation reveals that they are friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time, and they are reuniting so they can go to a music festival together. They are thrilled to be reuniting because of their shared passion for music, and also delighted to see that they both dressed up in flattering, eye-catching attire for the festival. As they compliment each other on how great they look, their gazes linger on each other’s beautiful bodies more and more. Gracie playfully wonders out loud if there’ll be sexual tension between them when she drives them to the festival. Skye playfully wonders the same thing, pointing out that even when they arrive at the festival, they’ll be sharing small spaces for the next few days, and seeing an AWFUL LOT of each other, so it would be hard exploring any sexual tension that builds up… That’s when these cheeky friends decide that it’d be best to deal with any sexual tension BEFORE they leave for the festival!