DevilsTGirls: Her First Trans Encounter 2 – Brittney Kade & Madison Morgan

Madison Morgan gets a phone call from her friend, Brittney Kade. Brittney wanted to check if Madison’s okay, because she seemed down recently. Madison admits that she IS feeling down, because her on-again off-again girlfriend broke up with her… again. Wanting to help cheer up her friend, Brittney offers to come over to keep her company. When Brittney arrives, Madison says that she’s tired of her girlfriend constantly playing games with her heart. She then asks Brittney if she’s been having any better luck with relationships. Brittney says no, because lately the only people showing interest in her are creepy chasers. Madison expresses her sympathy, but then gets an idea… Since they’re both alone right now, why not hook up with EACH OTHER? Madison says that she’s never had sex with a trans woman before, and she’s been wondering what it would be like to try that with Brittney. Brittney likes the idea, so they kiss, and Brittney invites Madison to explore her breasts and cock. Brittney returns the favor by licking and fucking Madison’s pussy, and together they forget all about their relationship woes. Isn’t friendship beautiful?