DevilsTGirls: Her First Trans Encounter 2 – Gracie Jane & Aften Opal

A masseuse, Aften Opal, welcomes her newest client, Gracie Jane. Aften invites Gracie to get undressed for the massage, and leaves the room to give Gracie privacy. After Gracie finishes undressing, she lies down on her stomach on the massage table, and covers her lower half with a sheet. Aften returns to begin the massage, sensually rubbing Gracie’s back. She can tell that Gracie has a lot of lower back tension, so she lowers the sheet that’s covering Gracie to massage Gracie’s lower back and beautiful ass. Afterwards, she invites Gracie to turn over so she can massage Gracie’s front. Gracie turns over, and Aften massages her breasts. Eventually, Aften notices a bulge in the sheet that’s covering Gracie. Gracie apologizes, explaining the massage just felt SO good that her body reacted. But Aften doesn’t mind, and in fact she’s intrigued. Gracie offers to remove the sheet, and Aften agrees to it. Gracie removes the sheet, unveiling her pretty cock, and Aften is clearly even more intrigued. Gracie suggests that Aften can massage her cock if she wants, so Aften eagerly massages and sucks on Gracie’s cock, before they move on to exploring each other’s beautiful bodies even more.