DevilsTGirls: Her First Trans Encounter 2 – Ivory Mayhem & Kimmy Kimm

Kimmy Kimm welcomes Ivory Mayhem into her home. Kimmy and her husband had agreed to try a threesome with Ivory, but now Kimmy is feeling a bit nervous, so she asked Ivory to come over for a private conversation before the day of the threesome. Kimmy explains that her husband has had previous sexual experiences with trans women, but Kimmy herself has never been intimate with a trans woman before. Kimmy says that she’s definitely open to trying the threesome, but she’s just afraid of somehow messing up and ruining everything. Ivory is pleased that Kimmy wants to be respectful and get things right, so she explains to Kimmy how she likes being touched. And since Ivory and Kimmy will be having sex together during the threesome anyway, Ivory suggests that maybe she and Kimmy can have sex right now as a practice run. Kimmy is delighted at the opportunity to learn, and kisses Ivory. She then sucks on Ivory’s pretty cock, as Ivory praises Kimmy’s skills. It looks like things are going to work out just fine between these two beauties!