DevilsTGirls: Her First Trans Encounter 2 – Kasey Kei & Jesse Pony

Kasey Kei has just arrived at a luxurious rental with her future in-law, Jesse Pony. Kasey’s getting married to Jesse’s sibling this very weekend, but there’s a problem… it’s RAINING cats and dogs! Not only will the wedding have to be moved inside, but the guests may actually have a tough time even GETTING here because of all the flooding. Kasey gets off the phone with her future husband, and it seems like he’ll delay coming to the rental until the storm subsided. That’s totally fine since Kasey and Jesse can totally keep each other entertained. This’ll be an amazing opportunity for Kasey and Jesse to get to know each other even better! Kasey and Jesse start chatting, sharing details about themselves with each other. As it turns out, Jesse actually had no idea that Kasey was trans. It seems like Kasey’s fiancee neglected to tell the rest of his family that… But no matter, Jesse is extremely accepting, and even a little excited. In fact, Jesse’s NEVER been with a trans woman before… so maybe while they wait out the storm, she and Kasey could get up to a little naughty fun?