In The Pocket – Janie Blade & Rachael Cavalli

Rachael Cavalli is hanging out at a pool hall by herself. She sets up a table and begins playing, as Janie Blade enters and shyly watches her for a few moments before getting the courage to approach. Janie explains that she’s here to learn how to play, because her girlfriend is really into pool. This piques Rachael’s curiosity, so she agrees to help Janie learn. The two women begin to practice together, with Rachael touching Janie in order to guide her on how to do the basic moves. They become more flirtatious, and Rachael suggests they make things fun and play an actual game… of strip pool! Janie agrees, saying she’s sure her girlfriend won’t mind so long as she improves her skills. They embark on a head-to-head game where both gradually lose more clothes, until they agree that it’s time to enjoy a different kind of fun!