DevilsTGirls: It’s A Trans Sandwich (And I’m The Meat) 2 – Ariel Demure & Lena Moon

Lena Moon shows up at her friend Ariel Demure’s apartment, and she’s looking MIGHTY happy about something. She had a date last night with a sizzling-hot gentleman, and she can’t WAIT to tell Ariel about all the naughty, dirty details.

They sit on the couch and start chatting about Lena’s date, including how they snuck off to a hotel near the restaurant for some all-night fucking. But when Lena shows Ariel a photo of the guy, it turns out that Ariel knows him! It’s Rodrigo Amor, who’s actually working in Ariel’s backyard as they speak. What a small world!

Lena gets a brilliant idea: why doesn’t she AND Ariel fuck Rodrigo together. It would certainly be tons of fun, and Lena can tell that Ariel finds him HOT. Ariel hesitates for a moment, but when Rodrigo pops in to say hello, Ariel’s restraint vanishes. Nothing like starting the day with a trans sandwich, and when you’ve got meat like Rodrigo to fill your buns, you’re BOUND to go in for seconds!