DevilsTGirls: It’s A Trans Sandwich (And I’m The Meat) 2 – Eva Maxim, Jade Venus & Rory Knox

Eva Maxim’s hanging out in the living room when Jade Venus stumbles in with a little grin on her face. Eva knows THAT look- Jade must have had QUITE the date with Rory Knox last night, didn’t she?

Jade lets out all the juicy details: Rory was SO HOT. They fucked all night long, and Jade really couldn’t get enough of that sweet, sweet pussy. Not to mention that Rory seemed SUPER into trans women… It was unlike anything Jade’s ever experienced before.

Eva listens to Jade’s story with bated breath, getting more aroused by the second. Well, as luck would have it, Rory’s coming over any second, so if Eva wants… Jade can suggest a threesome? Eva doesn’t have to be asked twice- she nods her head eagerly, excited at the prospect of getting down and dirty with Rory and Jade at the same time. And when Rory finally arrives, it doesn’t take long before their clothes fly off and their bodies join for a sexy trans sandwich!