DevilsTGirls: Menage A Trans 9 – Autumn Rain & Daisie Belle

Autumn Rain and Daisie Belle are huddled together on the couch, swiping through a hookup app. They’re looking for some naughty fun on this lazy afternoon, but none of the boys on this app seem to fit the bill. Wait a second… what about Jay Tee, that guy they met at that party they went to a few days ago? He sure was HOT… Daisie decides to take a leap of faith and text Jay to see what he’s up to. Jay isn’t one of those ‘text you back in an hour’ kind of guys. He knows when to strike when the iron’s hot, and answers Daisie right away. The girls are delighted, and ask if he’d be willing to come over for some frisky fun. Luckily for them, he doesn’t have to be asked twice… About 40 minutes later, Jay finds himself sandwiched between Autumn and Daisie on the couch, arms wrapped around each of their slender shoulders. He didn’t think he’d ever see them again, but now that he’s here, he wants to see ALL of them… every INCH of them, that is. The girls like the sound of that, and promptly strip their clothes off and wrap their mouths around his stiff, hard cock.