New For Us Both – Korra Del Rio

Jayden Marcos is relaxing when Korra Del Rio, his roommate’s sexy sibling, lets herself in. They warmly greet each other and it’s revealed that Korra’s there to see her sibling and get ready for a family trip. Jayden tells her that the sibling is still out getting supplies, so she excuses herself to go wait in her sibling’s room until he comes back. But as she passes by, Jayden can’t help but watch after her, trying to hide his crush on her… Once Korra is alone in the bedroom, she takes the opportunity to rub one out. After all, if she’s going to be stuck on the road with her family for weeks, she might not have the chance to get any alone time. She takes out her phone with one hand and her dick with the other, and gets to work… only to soon be interrupted by Jayden as he innocently comes in to tell Korra that her sibling’s running late. The sexual tension between them grows as Jayden stumbles over himself, unable to hide his attraction to Korra. Lucky for him, she has a thing for him, too, and invites him closer. As they openly talk about his curiosity about her body, the tension steadily builds between them until she invites him to masturbate with her. As things get hot and heavy, it quickly becomes clear that she has some curiosity of her own to be satisfied!