TransFixed: New Neighbors – Kenzie Taylor & Eva Maxim

Kenzie Taylor is wearing a bikini, and goes out to the pool at her small apartment complex to relax. She gets herself comfy and begins to read, when suddenly her new neighbor, Eva Maxim, walks past. They casually say hi to each other, but Kenzie is floored by how hot Eva looks in her swimsuit.

Eva innocently asks Kenzie if she’s okay with Eva sunbathing nude here. Kenzie can barely contain her excitement, as she eagerly nods and tries not to spy too obviously. Eva removes her swimsuit, letting both the sun and Kenzie soak her up. Finally, after some ogling, Kenzie decides to make a move. She gets up and walks nervously over to where Eva is relaxing, and they introduce themselves to each other. Before Kenzie can say anything else, Eva knowingly asks her neighbor ‘Your place or mine?’

Kenzie is stunned, but happily lets Eva lead her by the hand, and they go inside for a steamy hookup session.