Nirvanal – Jessy Dubai & Jane Marie

Dark haired goddess Jesse Dubai and luscious lady Jane Marie have a few things in common. They like yoga. They also love a big dick up their ass. When hot yoga master Steve Rickz decides to finger them both in the middle of a yoga workshop, they’re in for it. Steve chases the other yoga students out of the room before showing is wholesome cock to the two horny trans cuties. Yes, “yoga” does rhyme with “foot play”. Supported by Jane’s helping hands, Jessy performs the wildest bridge pose that has ever been done. She sucks Rickz while he takes Jane’s mouth down his throat. One thing is certain : this guy can’t get enough of asses. Jessy hops on Jane for a steamy double rim moment. The voracious women then take turns on Steve’s dick. Eyes are rolling back as the guy gives them the D like a master should. The three perverted souls reach orgasm. Pranic energy flows everywhere (and by “pranic energy” we mean “cum”). The yoga mats and the girl’s blushing faces get sticky with it.