Oopsie: Push My Buttons – Izzy Wilde, Kasey Kei & Summer Hart

A nervous new hire, Summer Hart, enters an elevator only to find that her hot boss Izzy Wilde is already in it. They have an instant attraction to each other, and Izzy pushes all the right buttons on Summer, fingering her and kissing her. Kasey Kei, a maintenance worker in the building, catches sight of Izzy and Summer’s naughty activity on a security monitor. Kasey presses the emergency stop button, bringing the elevator to a halt, but it’s not because she’s upset at these elevator antics… it’s so she can get in on the action! Kasey and Izzy take out their cocks and spitroast Summer, but they’re almost caught by a passerby, JJ Graves. Kasey claims that she’s repairing the elevator, so JJ walks away in confusion, and the hot ladies continue their sexy threesome!