TransAngels: Revenge of the Cake Woman – Korra Del Rio

For Korra’s first anniversary with her boyfriend, she’s enlisted the help of her best friend, Cydel, to assist her with a sexy surprise. Cydel is making a bowl of her delicious icing as Korra prepares to stick her bare ass through a hole in the middle of a table. Cydel covers Korra’s booty with sugary frosting and whipped cream when Cydel’s boyfriend, Johnny Hill, shows up early to pick her up! He sees the iced butt on the table and thinks its an actual cake so when his girlfriend isn’t looking, he sneaks a taste of the booty cake! His licks feel too good so when Johnny hears his moaning coming from under the table, he investigates. He’s surprised to see his girlfriend’s best friend bent down under the table with her booty through a hole, but that doesn’t stop him from diving further tongue first into Korra’s ass-cake and eventually, injecting her ass with his own cream!