Oopsie: Skate Squad – Emma Magnolia & Siri Dahl

Siri Dahl and Emma Magnolia are girlfriends, and today is Siri’s birthday. Emma gifts Siri with a pair of retro yellow roller skates and, after briefly celebrating, they decide to form a skate squad! While Siri and Emma are flyering the neighborhood with posters, Austin Spears notices them while cruising around on his skateboard and is immediately smitten. He puts the move on both of them and gets a fast invite back to the girlfriends’ home. Once there, Emma briefly leaves them alone. As soon as they’re alone, Austin and Siri cheekily start making out, then Siri eagerly dives face-first into Austin’s pussy. But their cheekiness is short-lived as Emma returns, catching them in the act. Luckily, instead of kicking Austin out of their skate squad, they all turn it into a delightful poly party instead!