Oopsie: That’s A Stretch – Eva Maxim, Izzy Wilde & Summer Hart

Summer Hart and her boyfriend Tony Sting have decided to take a yoga class together. When they arrive, they are greeted by their cute teacher, Eva Maxim, as well as a fellow participant, Izzy Wilde. They all get down on the floor, ready to stretch their limbs and take in some deep breaths. But as Summer goes through some positions, Eva can’t takes her eyes off of Summer’s exquisite rack and bubbly ass. Eva grinds up behind Summer, letting her cock slide between Summer’s cheeks. She gives a few thrusts, which makes Summer’s boobs jiggle and even fall out of her top! Oopsie! Before long, Eva’s whipped out her cock and started pounding Summer from behind. Tony realizes what’s going on and storms off, but Summer stays in the studio to continue the fun. After all, why would she want to leave? Especially when Izzy signals that she wants to join in as well. Would a threesome be too much of a stretch?