This Doesn’t Change Anything – Casey Kisses

For many people, hearing that there’s a high school reunion on the horizon is cause for excitement. They can be great for catching up with old friends and reminiscing about all the good times. But for some people, dredging up the past can be a terrifying experience… Kevin (Johnny Hill) is having a blast at his own high school reunion, taking it all in stride, though he needs a little break from all the noise. As he steps outside the school, he sees a beautiful woman (Casey Kisses) also taking a breather. He’s instantly attracted and strikes up a conversation, trying his luck. She’s warm towards him but also a little confused by their interactions. The more they talk, the more mortified Kevin becomes because it’s clear that she recognizes him. Kevin can’t believe that he doesn’t remember a woman as gorgeous as her. Try as he might, Kevin can’t place her… until she finally reveals that her name is Ashley, although Kevin once knew her as Andrew. Kevin is instantly in a panic as his world flips upside down, unable to believe that Ashley is his friend and roommate from years ago. They once used to be so close but drifted apart after college, becoming little more than strangers. But how could Kevin have NOT known that his friend was trans all that time?? Now EVERYTHING’s changed and he has so many questions… not only for her but about HIMSELF. As he falls apart, Ashley tries reaching out to him but emotions run high. There’s so much confusion and hurt between them, and it seems like they are worlds apart. Will the strong connection they once shared be enough to see them through? Or is it truly time to put their past behind them?