DevilsTGirls: Trans Hoes In Pantyhose 6 – Emma Rose

Hatler Gurius is cleaning the rain gutter, when Emma Rose decides to reward his hard work with a nice break. She stands at the window and gives him a little show, caressing herself and lifting her top a bit to show one of her pretty breasts. Hatler tries to get back to work, so Emma turns up the heat by going outside and bending over, drawing attention to her ass… and her sexy legs in fishnet tights. She then goes back inside and waits on her bed. Sure enough, Hatler enters the room, clearly fascinated by Emma’s amazing legs. She removes her skirt but keeps the fishnet tights on, and Hatler eagerly kisses her foot and then kisses his way up her leg. He touches her pretty cock over her tights, then Emma lowers the waistband so they can rub their cocks together. Eventually, Hatler’s desire becomes to strong that he rips Emma’s tights open, so he can lick and fuck her warm hole. How’s that for a nice break from work?