FutanariXXX: Trapped – Amirah Adara & Tiffany Tatum

Amirah Adarah has been sent for a mental state assessment with her doctor, Dr. Tiffany Tattum after killing her brother. The session starts off normal enough, but Amirah soon grabs Tiffany’s hands and she finds herself in a dark room, somewhere totally different. Scared and unsure of what’s going on, Tiffany looks around and sees Amirah… She is approaching her and then she removes her pants and reveals a huge futa cock. She makes Tiffany get on her knees and makes her suck her hard, futa dick. Taking it a step further, Amirah makes Tiffany ride her cock and then fuck her from behind. Soon after, the vision ends. The next day, Tiffany quits her job and never looks back.