TS Flip FLop Fuck With Hot Male Stripper – Ts4straight

So recently my gf is having a sweet 40th Bday and because of the pandemic we decided to just get a suit in a hotel and throw her a surprise party, we also hire a male stripper for her… lets just say his name is C, very cute with hot body… so the party went great and during the party C and I really hit it off, he keep coming back to talk to me even even though we told him pay a lot attention to the bday girl but my friend was trashed and she didnt care LOL anyways then C ask for my number and i was reluctant because I don’t feel like telling him about the whole trans thing but i was like what the hell… why not.. so i gave him my number and we been txt’ing back and forth… and i decide to tell him over txt, and he’s OK with it and to my surprise when i mention bout the whole recording thing, he doesn’t mind, as long as he get to fuck me too. It was really hot, if u guys look closely at our faces u can tell how much we are into each other, we just can’t wait to fuck each other LOL And of course he have a big dick, LOL the one time I agree to get fuck the guy’s have to have a big dick… it was pretty painful but feel good after while and p0p’ers deff help.. then he cum in my mouth… like a loottt of cum and just hang out and talk… then we both got horny again, he started to kissing me and sucking me, he said I want to get u cum this time.. so I did… in his mouth… FUCKING HOT AS FUCK !!!