Oopsie: Work Out The Kinks – Summer Hart, Erica Cherry & Ariel Demure

Nurse Summer Hart arrives at her client Erica Cherry’s house to help get her client’s neck back in shape. Summer massages Erica’s neck, and also massages Erica’s breasts while she’s at it. Erica’s roommate, Ariel Demure, catches sight of the naughty fun, and decides that she’d like a piece of that action. Ariel pulls Summer’s pants down and sneakily licks up and down Summer’s backside, while Summer continues to massage an unsuspecting Erica. However, the pleasure becomes so intense for Summer that she accidentally massages Erica’s neck too hard. Summer shoos away Ariel and pulls up her pants, going to the fridge to get a cold compress for Erica. The sight of Summer bent over in front of the fridge turns Erica on, so she goes up to Summer and starts having sex with her. Meanwhile, Summer’s phone starts ringing, so Ariel picks up the phone and wonders where Summer went off to. When Ariel realizes that Erica and Summer are fucking, Ariel hands the phone to Summer, who tries to answer the call even while Erica and Ariel decide to turn the action into a threesome!