Oopsie: Bathroom Break – Janie Blade, Kasey Kei & Madison Morgan

Madison Morgan’s been working hard at the office, so she’s earned herself a little bathroom break. But when she enters the women’s bathroom, however, she ends up walking in on Janie Blade sucking Kasey Kei’s cock! Oopsie! Madison plays it cool, assuring Janie and Kasey that she won’t tell a soul. But when Madison enters her private stall, she’s SO turned on by what she just saw that she decides to rub one out right then and there. Janie and Kasey notice, and sneakily decide to give Madison a little EXTRA fun. Janie and Kasey poke their cocks into Madison’s stall by using two conveniently placed gloryholes. Madison can’t believe her luck- two cocks? All for her? It must be HUMP DAY at the office! They have a sneaky, energetic threesome together- crossing their fingers that ANOTHER coworker doesn’t walk in and catch them in the act.