Oopsie: Daily Exercises – Aften Opal & Izzy Wilde

Aften Opal and her boyfriend Rodrigo Amor are trying to enjoy a movie together on the couch, but their roommate Izzy Wilde interrupts and tries to seduce Rodrigo. Aften doesn’t want Izzy to snatch her boyfriend, so Aften brings Rodrigo to the bedroom to make sure he stays focused on HER. Aften rides Rodrigo’s cock, but Izzy proves that she’s even better at getting Rodrigo’s attention by flaunting her cock and her breasts. Aften tries to gain back Rodrigo’s attention by giving him a blowjob, but Izzy sticks a suction cup dildo onto an exercise ball, and then bounces up and down on the dildo and ball! Not wanting to be outdone anymore, Aften shifts her focus to having sex with Izzy, reasoning that maybe using up Izzy’s sexual energy is the only way to get her to leave them alone. As for Rodrigo, he sticks around to watch!