Oopsie: Neighbor’s Dirty Laundry – Ariel Demure, Emma Rose & Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice brings a laundry basket full of clothes to the home of her neighbor, Emma Rose, to ask if she can use Emma’s washing machine since hers is out of order. Emma likes being a helpful neighbor, so she invites Natasha to go ahead. But little do they know that Emma’s roommate Ariel Demure is currently in the laundry room, having some fun by stroking her cock with one hand while fucking herself with a dildo in her other hand! When Natasha enters the laundry room, Ariel quickly pulls her shorts back up to hide what she was doing, and leaves the room. Natasha is a little puzzled by Ariel’s quick departure, but shrugs it off and tries to get started on doing her laundry. Natasha accidentally spills detergent on herself, but since she’s doing laundry anyway, she strips off her clothes and adds them to the wash. She then finds Ariel’s dildo, and decides to pass the time by using it to pleasure herself. When Emma goes to check on Natasha, she’s surprised at the sight of Natasha naked and using a dildo… but Emma decides to be a helpful neighbor once again, and takes out her cock so Natasha can have even MORE fun. Ariel then walks in on them and decides to be helpful too, taking out her cock so the sex can become a fun threesome!