Oopsie: Pitching a Tent – Dee Williams, Hailey Rose & Izzy Wilde

Hailey Rose and Izzy Wilde are two best friends who are having a sleepover. Just like old times, they’ve pitched a camping tent in Hailey’s basement and are playing video games side by side in their jammies. A family friend of Hailey’s, Dee Williams, has agreed to keep an eye on the two girls so that they don’t get into any trouble. Hailey and Izzy soon finish their video game session and decide to cuddle inside the tent. But as Hailey’s ass presses up against Izzy’s crotch, Izzy can’t help but get turned on. She whips out her cock and presses the tip against the fabric of Hailey’s pajama pants. Hailey loves it, so she pulls down her pants and lets Izzy stick her shaft inside her wet pussy. Just then, however, Dee reenters the basement and notices a SHOCKING shadow cast against the fabric of the tent. If she didn’t know any better, it would seem that Izzy is fucking Hailey from behind! Dee, feeling aroused and a bit left out, decides to put on her trusty pink strap-on and join in on the fun! The girls don’t mind… There’s MORE than enough room for three in THIS tent, after all!