Oopsie: Rub-A-Dub Tub – Eva Maxim, Khloe Kay & Megan Maiden

Megan Maiden is just coming home from a jog when she notices that Khloe Kay is running a bath upstairs. Megan creeps past Eva Maxim – who’s out like a light – and makes her way to the bathroom, where she finds Khloe soaking her exquisite body in a soapy tub. Megan, wanting to make things interesting, grabs an electric toothbrush from the nearby sink and starts rubbing her pussy with the vibrating handle until she’s all wet. She gives the handle a lick and then lets Khloe suck on it as well. Then, Khloe pokes her hard cock out of the water and invites Megan to jump in with her. Unfortunately for Megan and Khloe, however, their sneaky affair is soon discovered by Eva, who catches them in the act. But when Megan offers to give her asshole a little pleasure from the vibrations of the electric toothbrush, Eva is too tempted to resist. She tosses her inhibitions aside and jumps in for a steamy threesome.