Oopsie: The Cum Sauna / Blow Off Steam – Emma Rose, Gracie Jane & Siri Dahl

Two girlfriends, Emma Rose and Gracie Jane, arrive at the spa for some much needed downtime. When the spa attendant, Siri Dahl, leads them into the steam room, Emma quickly gets flirty with Siri while Gracie is busy covering her eyes with a small towel. Siri leaves the room, but can’t stop thinking about Emma. Gracie’s eyes are still covered with a towel, so she blindly fumbles for Emma’s cock, wanting to get frisky. Siri sneaks back into the room with a dildo, setting it down near Gracie just in time. Mistaking the dildo for Emma’s cock, Gracie eagerly strokes the dildo. Now that Gracie is distracted, Siri gives Emma an energetic blowjob. Eventually, Gracie realizes that something doesn’t feel right, so she uncovers her eyes and is shocked to see Emma getting blown by another woman! But Siri IS hot, so Gracie puts Siri on her lap and gives Siri’s sexy ass a spanking so they’ll be even. And with that out of the way, it’s time for a steamy threesome!