Oopsie: Weiners & Buns – Aften Opal, Ariel Demure & Erica Cherry

Erica Cherry and Ariel Demure are hosting their annual backyard barbecue. Erica’s on grill duties, while Ariel works on other preparations. When Aften Opal arrives, she takes the opportunity to snack on Erica’s dick while Ariel is occupied. Ariel catches sight of what they’re doing and, not wanting to make a scene, thinks of a clever way to get Aften’s attention using nothing but her wits and a watermelon. Ariel sticks her dick into a hole in the watermelon, and invites Aften to come closer. When Aften realizes that Ariel’s cock is inside the melon, she reaches inside to give Ariel a handjob. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Erica pulls down Aften’s shorts and fucks her from behind, leading to a fun threesome!